LadyBug Production and Entertainment LLC
                Believe, Achieve Excellence, Contribute to the World and Give Back

LadyBug Production and Entertainment LLC
                Believe, Achieve Excellence, Contribute to the World and Give Back

LadyBug Production and Entertainment llc has been working for more than 15 years to assist our clients to achieve their goals and live their best life in the areas of; sports and entertainment, special event promotions, business development and life-skills coaching. Our client list range from business owners, sports and entertainment professionals, non-profit and charitable organization as well as individuals seeking to grow in their walk.

Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, and work towards a greater good. We are tireless in our efforts assisting our client to achieve their goals.  We help those seeking success to be total in their search on their path and we do not discriminate. While our company is faith based we respect and serve the global community which includes people of all races, creeds, and religions. 

 It has been said that 'Life Is What You Make It'. While that may be true it is best to be prepared, live a life of purpose, live and love passionately and Believe in your Destiny. Ladybug Production and Entertainment LLC mission is to provide professional direction, industry introduction and ethical and incisive management.We are committed to creating miracles in assisting our client not just achieve their goals but exceed their own expectations.

Living a life of favor is yours to have and a major portion of Living Your Best Life is to utilize and grow your talents while building up the kingdom. Matthew 25:14

Our role is to work with our clients to maximize their potential while guiding our clients to a successful and professional experience.

LadyBug Production and Entertainment was founded on the principle of:

* Believe in the Impossible for Nothing is to big for God.
* Achieve Excellence in All Things as you are a witness to God's goodness.
* Contribute to the World as a disciple of his word this is your mission.
* Give Back for who has been given much, much is required.

This is the foundation that we diligently work from in our representation of our clients.  

LadyBug Production and Entertainment
Where dreams become reality and where goals are lived in the overflow!
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